About Us

Our business is associated with the Lambertz brand in Germany – the oldest German consumer brand with over 300 years of history, steeped in tradition and well known for its innovative approach in the food industry.

Crest Lambertz is an importer and sole distributor of premium food products from Germany, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Turkey. The company’s current markets include Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India. We have built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of premium food products in this region.

Our Purpose

We strongly believe that healthy and great tasting premium quality food – low in fat, low in sugar and low in preservatives – should be available to everyone. At Crest Lambertz, we offer our customers, premium food as a healthy reasonably priced and affordable choice.

Our Vision & Mission

Through market research, careful planning and execution, our offerings are positioned as premium household brands. In addition to being a healthy food option, we provide a wide variety of product choices which appeal to the mass market. We want to be a responsible company by distributing top quality food products at affordable prices and advocating healthy eating to foster a healthier society.

Our Core Values & Strengths

Bringing you freshness, always!

Making premium food available to everyone at reasonable prices, our company maintains honest business practices and our quality products are never overpriced. We ensure that our products are always fresh and in great condition through frequent quality checks as we discard expired, rejected and spoilt products.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service by responding to customers’ inquiries promptly and quickly. Our strong bond with our clientele has always kept them coming back.

Building Relationships

The long standing relationship with our principal manufacturers overseas enables us to be a top supplier for premium food. This is evident from the wide range of products including chocolate products from 6 continents under our company.