Chocolate Cookies 500g
Fine chocolate assorted baked goods with 
a particularly high chocolate ratio (40%).

European Chocolate Cookie Collection Tin 1300g Gold & Red
This attractive modern designed present box contains an 
assortment of 12 biscuits refined with delicious chocolate.

Compliments 500g
Delicate assorted baked goods of 
12 different types, some coated in 
chocolate - 2 x 250g.
Compliments Tin 1300g
Delicate assorted baked goods of 12 different 
types, some coated in chocolate - 1300g.

Exquisit 200g
A selection of 7 different types of baked product, some with fine chocolate.
Exquisit Tin 750g Gold & Red
Assorted baked goods in the entry-price segment, supplied 
in a recyclable metal tin with two different attractive designs.